twitch: application to watch Twitch streams

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Update: as of 2020-05-06: I stopped maintaining it. Twitch now requires OAUTH and 2-factor authentication. It requires me to expose personal information such as my phone number.

Update: as of ~2020-01-03: I rewrote this application from Golang to C. The Twitch Kraken API used by the Golang version was deprecated. It was rewritten to use the Helix API.

This program/script allows to view streams in your own video player like so the bloated Twitch interface is not needed. It is written in C.


  • No Javascript, cookies, CSS optional.
  • Works well in all browsers, including text-based ones.
  • Has a HTTP CGI and Gopher CGI version.
  • Atom feed for VODs.


git clone git://


You can browse the source-code at: